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In today’s ever-changing market, not-for-profit organizations are struggling. As experienced advisors, we help to ensure your financial operations can produce reliable data using a disciplined approach focused on sound policies and compliance standards. To alleviate the burden on you as the client, we take on the arduous task of making certain your organization’s financial accounting policies and procedures adhere to current requirements set forth by regulators and granting agencies. We offer a broad scope of services to ease your mind. Our goal at OCS is to help identify the issues, propose and implement solutions and then ensure you have the team in place, either through providing staff training or assisting you with hiring the right staff, to successfully and effectively handle and maintain your operations going forward. Our services include:



  • Interim consulting services for CFO and controller functions to help maintain operations when you have lost key personnel.
  • Outsourced bookkeeper and accountant services.
  • Training for finance and program training on many accounting-related topics.
  • Assistance with writing job descriptions and hiring permanent staff

Audit and Accounting support

  • Oversight and participation in the audit preparation process and direct coordination with your external auditors to ensure your organization is well represented.
  • Implementation assistance and guidance for recent technical accounting pronouncements.
  • Chart of Accounts review and redesign.
  • Accounting system implementation.
  • Coordination of request for proposals for audit and investment advisory services.

other finance and accounting

  • Strategic planning consultation and documentation.
  • Review, assessment and reorganization of Finance departments to ensure you have the most cost-effective team in place.
  • Budget process creation and facilitation.
  • Financial analysis and forecasting.
  • Process review and redesign for both financial and non-financial processes.
  • Financial policy evaluation and documentation.
  • Various special projects.